Texture replacement for the skimpy swimwear for young adult females, using 4 of [personal profile] aelia 's bikinis. These require the uni expansion pack.


These are replacements for the short shorts and shorts that are for AF and TF. The mesh replacement is by HP, all I did was add new textures. The shorts textures are from jeans that come with the H&M stuff pack, and the short shorts textures are from some jeans by geldyh. Shoe textures by maxis. They work for both adult females and teen females. Meshes are untuckable; I have made untuckable recolours myself but I don't have the teen files finished yet.


Rest is under the cut )

Replacement mesh and 3 textures for the sweater outfit that comes with kitchen and bath stuff. Original by ninika/nena_needles is here. Requires K&B stuff.

More pictures and download )


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