I've never liked the platform sandals or whatever they are on this mesh and wasn't too keen on the textures either. So I took HP's mesh edit (which removed the 3D ridge round the waist) and added converse, taken from a mesh by ghanima and scaled down (afterwards, I realised there's a teen version of the H&M outfit with converse lol). Then I took some club crimsyn textures and pasted them on the shorts. The converse textures are taken from a recolour by ghanima. To make enough different colours, I used a couple of pooklet's colour actions to get red, lime, purple and pink shorts.


N.B I did have a previous replacement in for textures so some of them in this picture may differ from the original maxis ones.


(I am working on some untuckable recolours for these but I haven't finished them all yet)

From: [identity profile] lissasims.livejournal.com

Thank you for these! These are like what I was asking for in the wishing tree (I'm Lissa from GOS, I was the one who requested shorts with converse). Do you think you could do (non-default) untucked versions, and an adult version too? I don't have any nice shorts for my sims besides these. If it's not too much trouble, I would like a version with leather sandals too (like the sandals from the louis1991 set with the messed-up mesh).

From: [identity profile] lissasims.livejournal.com

Never mind :P... I missed my thread being moved to the granted requests section, and stupidly assumed that it had been deleted and you hadn't uploaded the finished shorts. Sorry about that!


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