Couple of default replacements, 2 are base game skirts and the other is an AL halter top.

The Ugg (Ugh) boots skirt is 2 separate packages, one replaces the mesh with an untuckable version of the maxis one (I just removed the ridge at the top of the skirt) and the other replaces the skirt textures with some by cynarablade (originals are here). Although the 2 are shown together in these pictures, they aren't dependant on one another; so you can have ridgeless maxis textures or ridged cynanra textures (I use both because I like untuckability XD)

Download Ugh boots replacement

The miniskirt is again 2 packages, one for an untuckable mesh and the other for the textures. Mesh is by me (3D ridge removing fun again lol) and the textures are cobbled together from textures by aikea, gelydh, trapping (shoes) and azaya.

Download mini skirt replacement

The third thing is a replacement file for the halter tops that come with AL and obviously. requires that to work. The mesh is HP's edited mesh fixed so it is named as top not body (took awhile to get this to work as the original mesh is misnamed so had to fiddle with txmt files to make sure the naming was corrected in those too [thanks to fanseelamb's H&M jeans fix mod on MTS which helped me figure out why when I corrected the naming the top disappeared lol]). Textures are by amaryll and there are both halters and t-shirts.

Download AL halter top replacement
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