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Maidens - Teen and Elder meshes (Updated with in game picture)

I've always really liked the maiden outfit by sherabhim so I decided to convert the mesh for elder and teen females.

I can't find a terms of use anywhere for lord dragonstone (who made the af mesh), they seem to be inactive so I thought I'd post anyway and if there's any problems I can take it down.

I made a small edit to the original mesh (removed the verts hanging around in the inside of the back, and reshaped the fat morph a little). That and sherahbim's original dress are included (the latter is needed because the tf and ef recolour files are repositoried to the af one).

The elder mesh has a fat morph and the teen mesh has fat and pregnancy morphs, as I know a lot of medieval simmers use inteen and such for accuracy. They both show for everyday and formal wear.


Elder  (I haven't lowered the boobs as far as the maxis mesh because I don't think anyone is that saggy lol, but also because the middle of this mesh seems corseted to me and that would keep things more upright).

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Sometimes I really wish I played a medieval game. These are so beautiful :)
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They're beautiful, the texture is lovely. Thank you :)
And, yeah, maxis, there are those things called bras, and grannies wear them too!
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