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Moon Through A Dragonfly's Wings - Sherahbim Textures For All - Part 2

Here's part 2 of my Sherahbim texture project, which is Cynnix's edit of Chriko's mesh with some textures Sherahbim used on the version with shoes.

I've also made a mesh edit with block feet which will replace Cynnix's sexyfeet version (because I use blockfeet). The textures will work for blockfeet OR sexyfeet depending on the meshes used but not both. TF files are linked to AF files.

Cynnix did the leafy nymph textures here. I've included the sexyfeet mesh files in the download so you know which to delete depending on which version you want to use.

Belly Dancer 


Vamp Gown

How they look on the sexyfeet AF mesh.

Everything is compressorized. 

Credits: [personal profile] cynnix , sherahbim @ MTS, chriko.
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They look lovely oph3lia :)