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2020-01-01 12:00 am

Friends Only

This journal is friends only as I'm a rather private person... If you want me to add you, leave a message here stating who you are and where on the internets or wherever you know me from and I might just add you :P

My TOU for the sims downloads on this journal is simply this, do want you want with it other than put it on paysites. Credit would be much appreciated.
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2014-05-16 03:27 pm

Content list

I figured it was about time I did one of these so...

Downloads on DW/LJ )

Downloads on GoS )
Other sites )
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2013-06-10 08:57 pm

Yankee Four Score Door with Goat Wood

I uploaded some base game door recolours for this months theme at Garden of Shadows.

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2013-06-09 09:21 pm

Hey, Over here! - Skyrim quest markers for TS2

 Just a small upload, I made these for myself and figured someone else might want them.

2 recolours (in location and general/overhead marker) on Aikea's half wall mesh (included) plus unpictured recolours of the University Myne Door poster and the Teen Style Stuff teen doors poster (in location markers only). 

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2013-03-12 06:10 pm

A Fortunate Maiden's Fairytale - Sherahbim Textures For All - Part 7

Part 7 is Sherahbim's Fairytale and Fortune Teller for TF and EF plus silver recolours of Maiden and Fairytale (More recolours of both in the pipeline, but they're pretty big sets so just putting the simple silver ones up now).

All files are texture referenced to the AF versions.

AF mesh fix and TF and EF meshes are mine and are all included. Credit to Lord Dragonstone for the original AF mesh. 


More pictures under here )
Credits: Sherahbim @ MTS and PBK, Lord Dragonstone
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2013-03-06 11:13 pm

Medieval Crib

Just remembered I'd posted this ages back and not linked to it elsewhere; it's SDA's medieval crib linked to maxis crib textures and a few recolours (maxis crib bedding, wood of the crib).

(Click image to go to GoS thread)

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2013-02-27 11:05 pm

The Lake Mirrored Her Beauty Sweet - Sherahbim Textures for All - Part 6

So to part 6: Sherahbim's Curvy Witch and Vampire Gown (4) on Liz's Mermaid Gown mesh converted for TF and EF. TF and EF files are texture linked to the original textures.

Liz's original mesh found here, Mesh is included. (The textures they did are in the works too).

The TF and EF mesh conversions are both by me. Both have fat morphs but no pregnancy morph because the original doesn't have one.

Curvy Witch

Vampire Gown

In the interests of full disclosure,  there is some hand clipping during some animations, but it's also present on the original mesh (AF in the middle) as you can see. All sleeves that long tend to have that problem it seems; but I really loved the shape of the dress and sleeves anyway.

Ugh photobucket is scrunching the hell out of my pictures :/

Credits: Iamliz13 @ MTS, Sherahbim @ MTS
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2013-02-27 06:36 pm

Life Is Not A Song, Sweetling - Sherahbim Textures For All - Part 5

Part 5: Sherahbim's Camelot and Faith for TF and EF plus RenGal AF/EF and TF versions. 






AF mesh is by Gara and you will have to download it from the site, it's GR_Mod08bodyMESH1 go to GARA-MESH/GARA-MESH download page/the right one
AF texture files included as all (yes, even the the RenGal versions) are linked to them.

RenGal meshes are by Cynnix and are included. (I made these some time back and I now notice there's 2 versions of this mesh, the one linked there and this one here which is RenGal V2. I'm not really sure of the difference since I haven't used the shape much myself [beyond there being a separate EF mesh.] Anyway these are on the older version.)

TF mesh is by Kalynn and was up on Plumb Bob Keep, I believe but the file has since gone missing, so the mesh is included.

EF mesh is a conversion by me and is included.

EF morphs.

Everything is compressorized.

Credits: Kalynn[personal profile] cynnix, Gara's Boutique, Sherahbim @ MTS and PBK
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2013-02-22 09:02 pm
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 I have updated:


Moon Through a Dragonfly's Wings 


Dancing The Remigold 

with in game pictures.

Also added part 4 of Sherahbim Project: 

'Tis Midnight, My Noble Beloved
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2013-02-22 06:54 pm

'Tis Midnight, My Noble Beloved - Sherahbim Textures For All - Part 4

Sherahbim's Midnight, Noble, and Beloved for teens.

TF files texture references the AF files. I have included the AF files for referencing purposes but they are enabled for EF so if you want them just for AF you'll have to go grab the originals or use wardrobe wrangler/simpe to make them AF only.

AF mesh is by Aligeth (but I've included the version from here with pregnancy morph) and the TF version is by Cynnix (also found in the same thread but I've included it).

More pictures and download link )
Credits: [personal profile] cynnix , Aligeth @ MTS, Sherahbim @ MTS and PBK
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2013-02-22 05:58 pm

Maidens - Teen and Elder meshes (Updated with in game picture)

I've always really liked the maiden outfit by sherabhim so I decided to convert the mesh for elder and teen females.

I can't find a terms of use anywhere for lord dragonstone (who made the af mesh), they seem to be inactive so I thought I'd post anyway and if there's any problems I can take it down.

Pictures behind here )

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2013-02-16 10:14 pm

Miri It Is - Sherahbim Textures For All - Part 3

Part 3 is 3 of Sherahbim's textures on a Sim Ages mesh conversion. Vampire Gown, Fay (it's labelled as Enchanted on the download image on MTS but the file is called faydress3) and Goth Gown.

With these all I have done is make texture referenced TF versions on a mesh conversion by Cynnix. I've included the mesh and also Cynnix's fix for the AF version but if you want the texture she used on the TF mesh, you can grab it here (it's Vampire Gown 2 from the same thread as Vampire Gown). Sherahbim's original AF files are included as they are needed for the textures.

Vampire Gown, Goth Gown, Fay.

Everything is compressorized.

Credits: Sherahbim @ MTS[personal profile] cynnix , Sim Ages.
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2013-02-13 04:58 pm

Moon Through A Dragonfly's Wings - Sherahbim Textures For All - Part 2

Here's part 2 of my Sherahbim texture project, which is Cynnix's edit of Chriko's mesh with some textures Sherahbim used on the version with shoes.

I've also made a mesh edit with block feet which will replace Cynnix's sexyfeet version (because I use blockfeet). The textures will work for blockfeet OR sexyfeet depending on the meshes used but not both. TF files are linked to AF files.

Cynnix did the leafy nymph textures here. I've included the sexyfeet mesh files in the download so you know which to delete depending on which version you want to use.

Belly Dancer 

More pictures... )

Credits: [personal profile] cynnix , sherahbim @ MTS, chriko.
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2013-02-11 10:55 pm

Dancing The Remigold - Sherahbim Textures For All - Part 1

So some months back I looked at all Sherahbim's uploads and was disappointed that they didn't come for teens or elders. This kind of mini project (actually its turned out pretty big :|) is an effort to remedy that. This is the first part of quite a few.

These are all recolours of Gelydh's alpha tattered barefoot dress. Sherahbim's Bejewelled, Gypsy, Vampire nightwear and Fairies Gift for TF and EF (texture referenced to AF) and I've also transferred some of the textures off of Gelydh's alpha tattered dress with boots mesh that Gelydh made: Peacock Song and Chainmail and made texture linked versions of her Wood Nymph recolour. Plus some recolours of Bejwelled, a silver by me and Pinketmine's black recolour from her sexyfeet version of this mesh. I've also made a recolour using Heget's night shift so there's now a blockfoot version without stockings. And finally, a version of Sherahbim's vampire nightwear/gown without the choker and gloves.

Vampire Gown

Credits: Gelydh @ ClubCrimsyn[personal profile] cynnix , Sherahbim @ MTS[personal profile] heget , [personal profile] ghanima_atreides , Yuichen @ UYS[personal profile] pinketamine 
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2012-04-08 01:57 pm

I maded some stuffz!

 I uploaded a bunch of defaults to GoS theme this month here and here.

Now, these files need a bit of explaining and I'm not sure they directly relate to the theme so they're going here instead. These are special texture referencing files that pull the default textures for underwear and swimwear respectively. This means that the 'missing' swimwear that oddly doesn't show for TF but does for AF, is now available for TF. These files will pick up ANY default replacement you have in and pull the texture. I also made ones so all the AF undies are available for TF too. 

To make these, I used this tutorial by phaenoh  http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=300954

The thing with these files is, they are deletable in bodyshop but however deleting them from there may well screw up your game if you keep them in your downloads folder. Alternatively you can put them in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 [Latest expansion pack]\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins and delete should be disabled.

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2012-02-25 02:12 pm

TM triple choker conversion

 I've been meaning to put this up for ages and kept forgetting so  here is the teen male conversion I made of aikea's triple choker. Thanks to [personal profile] curiousb  to doing all the file making business after I'd made the mesh :)

Edit: CuriousB has warned me there's an issue with the mesh deforming in game when it shouldn't. If anyone can fix it, please go ahead :)

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2011-06-18 04:47 pm

Updated files


links have been updated as [personal profile] skywookiee  made custom CAS thumbnails for the af necklaces. Thanks skywookiee! :D
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2011-04-06 11:54 pm
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I wonder if the goblets from TSM could be used for default replacements for the mugs in TS2...

On a related note, I will get back to finishing any TS2 stuff I have on the go but at the moment I have a The Sims Medieval addiction problem lol.
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2011-02-16 09:55 pm


Before GoS got hacked there was a request thread for aikea's necklaces for teens. I agreed to do the meshing but didn't think I could make a working accessory package... however using some tutorials of varying useful and confusing-ness on MTS and using my own skillz at body meshing...I managed to make a working recolour file and add an extra group XD Well after I hauled out my downloads to do so lol. Yay me XD

I only have the teen female done so far but am struggling with the longer necklaces greatly as they just won't seem to hang right and not cut into something on teens (necks and collarbones being the main culprits).

I'd still like your help with this though, CuriousB as I think my packages need checking for errors lol and anything I may have missed, and I could do with a few people to test/check how they sit on multiple meshes.

Locked because I'm currently really paranoid.... lol

Edit: link for anyone who wants to test it http://www.box.net/shared/gi9egy7h7n just please don't share it around yet, I don't want to be responsible for wide spread game borkage lol.

Son of edit, part 2: Unlocked so people can grab this if they want.

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2011-01-29 01:11 pm
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