This is part 1 of all the uploads I have that I keep meaning to upload but forget to do. This post has 2 new meshes.

This one is a full body mesh, made from gelydh's emily tunic and capris mesh and aikea's bootcut pants. Textures by gelydh and aikea also. Has a fat morph. Thanks to amaryll who helped with one of the earlier incarnations of this mesh, whose knowledge allowed me to make this version.


The second one is another full body mesh made from HP's untuckable top mesh and gelydh's pants with sneakers mesh. Textures by aikea and gelydh. Has fat and pregnancy morphs.


As for TOU, I don't much care what you do with my stuff, credit would be appreciated though :) I'd rather not see it on paysites however (this means TSR also).
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oph3lia, I seriously ♥ you right now. I so dig the first outfit combination, it is just so something I would wear. I also adore the second outfit, because that is so me on the weekend.
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From: [personal profile] garnet812

Oh I know what you mean, I hate most of maxis' athletic wear. I think I might try to recolor the second outfit. If it turns out decent, I'll show it to you :-)
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From: [personal profile] jesslove

I love both!! They are utterly gorgeous. Thank you. :D


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