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( Jun. 18th, 2011 04:47 pm)

links have been updated as [personal profile] skywookiee  made custom CAS thumbnails for the af necklaces. Thanks skywookiee! :D
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( Feb. 16th, 2011 09:55 pm)
Before GoS got hacked there was a request thread for aikea's necklaces for teens. I agreed to do the meshing but didn't think I could make a working accessory package... however using some tutorials of varying useful and confusing-ness on MTS and using my own skillz at body meshing...I managed to make a working recolour file and add an extra group XD Well after I hauled out my downloads to do so lol. Yay me XD

I only have the teen female done so far but am struggling with the longer necklaces greatly as they just won't seem to hang right and not cut into something on teens (necks and collarbones being the main culprits).

I'd still like your help with this though, CuriousB as I think my packages need checking for errors lol and anything I may have missed, and I could do with a few people to test/check how they sit on multiple meshes.

Locked because I'm currently really paranoid.... lol

Edit: link for anyone who wants to test it http://www.box.net/shared/gi9egy7h7n just please don't share it around yet, I don't want to be responsible for wide spread game borkage lol.

Son of edit, part 2: Unlocked so people can grab this if they want.

More stuff... this time some necklaces for af, and children.

There's 3 downloads here, the necklaces on aikea's longer necklace mesh, necklaces on aikea's triple choker mesh, and necklaces on a child conversion of the first mesh by bluebottle on GoS I think. Meshes are included with each file. The child necklaces should be unisex. The original plan was to put all designs on all meshes and possibly doing them for males too but I never got that far. May well update with the rest of them in the future if I get round to it lol. Credit for the actual necklace designs goes to a site called treasured finds.

EDIT: Much thanks to [personal profile] skywookiee  for making custom CAS thumbnails for the af necklaces. Links have been updated.

Pictures and downloads this way... )


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