Aikea guinea's basics tops for male and female children on a maxis mesh (the one with the camisole). All colours and all types as per the original. Neck alpha was a right pain to get to fit lol.

Another picture and download link )
Finally got another upload ready (I'm incredibly slow at getting from finishing something to actually getting it uploaded).

So these are retextures of a child sweater mesh by cat of evil genius on MTS. Find the mesh here as their policy doesn't like their meshes being uploaded elsewhere. The texture is by aikea and is taken from her af/am sweaters. Colours are by aikea, pooklet, aelia and me. There's 3 files to grab here, one for pooklet colours, one for aelia colours and one for the other colours. All colours are for both genders (personally I don't use pink for boys but I know some people do), all files are compressorized.
More pictures and links )

Finally got some of the pictures edited so I can start uploading the default replacements I've been doing. First up is adult male tight swimwear, tight underwear and child male swim shorts.
AM tight swimwear )
AM tight underwear )

CM swimshorts )

All files are compressorized.



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