I pookleted the lovely stella hair by lidiqnata here (I haven't included the mesh as I couldn't figure out if I could include it or not, so you'll have to head over there for the file). It shows up for child to elder (young adult stage doesn't work for the original colours but I edited mine so it does). Comes in all pooklet's naturals (including the new ones) plus white, elder stage is time bomb (I prefer elders with white rather than grey hair). I have however included mail bomb binned as grey (elder only file) and also as a version for all ages in case anyone wants a child sim with silvery hair or a prematurely grey-haired adult. Shrapnel is binned as brown. Flash powder shown in the preview pic. Compressorized, unneeded ages removed.

Pictures and download this way )
This is a re-texture of peggy's april '08 hair using pooklet's textures and colours. Mesh is for all ages, toddler-elder. Natural coloured elder's have white hair, custom coloured elders have custom hair. Mesh is included. Natural hairs are binned, I bin shrapnel as brown not black, feel free to edit that if you want. One last thing, although the highlights match up correctly on the textures, the way the mesh is mapped seems to cause them to be slightly staggered in places.

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