This is a re-texture of peggy's april '08 hair using pooklet's textures and colours. Mesh is for all ages, toddler-elder. Natural coloured elder's have white hair, custom coloured elders have custom hair. Mesh is included. Natural hairs are binned, I bin shrapnel as brown not black, feel free to edit that if you want. One last thing, although the highlights match up correctly on the textures, the way the mesh is mapped seems to cause them to be slightly staggered in places.


I have finished the tedious button clicking and now have all of pooklet's new colours done (Including the new versions of combustible, detonator, TNT and hazardous, all labelled with a 2 on the end in case anyone prefers the older versions of those colours [personally I prefer the older hazardous for some reason lol])

Get them here

Also I have 2 extra colours, aelia's red colour action, and an edit of  (old) TNT with a less pinky hue called mercuric (which is on the left).

Grab those here


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