Finally got some of the pictures edited so I can start uploading the default replacements I've been doing. First up is adult male tight swimwear, tight underwear and child male swim shorts.

The adult male tight swimwear replacement file uses textures by nouk (I think they're from noukiesims before it disappeared). The black and blue (I think lol) are nouk's files and the other colours are recolours I did. The colours are the same as the original maxis swimwear, except the leopard print is replaced with purple and the black/orange is replaced with black.


The tight underwear uses fanseelamb textures. Colours other than purple are fanseelambs, they are the same colour as the originals except brown is replaced with purple and the leopard print is replaced with grey.



And finally replacement textures for child male swim shorts using textures from BV and H&M stuff.



All files are compressorized.



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