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( Mar. 21st, 2010 08:08 pm)
Thought it was about time I added some more to this and got nearer to finishing it off lol

4 adult female meshes in this entry.

First there's a mesh made from gelydh's capri pants mesh and her shorts with boots mesh. It has a fat morph, and comes with 5 textures (made from bits and pieces by aikea and gelydh).
af capris and boots )

Then an edit of gelydh/aikea's bootcutpants with sexy feet to have block feet instead. Bottom only mesh with fat morph, and one texture [credit to gelydh/aikea](I meant to make more but forgot).
af bottom bootcutpants blockfeet )

Thirdly, gelydh's nekkid boots with alpha sleeves from her dark princess mesh added, and some belts ripped from one of aikea's male outfits and fiddled about with. No fat morph on this one as all the layers confused me lol. One texture [credit: gelydh/aikea].
af alpha boots with belts )

And finally gelydh's alphadressboots with different boots, and the same alpha editable sleeves as the previous mesh. One texture [credit: gelydh, ghanima for the tights]. No fat morph for same reasons as above.

af alpha dress with sleeves and boots )
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( Mar. 21st, 2010 09:10 pm)
Second and last post for today. Aikea's tf conversion of bootcutpants with migamoo's tf top as fullbody mesh. One texture [credit: aikea]. Fat morph.
Download and pictures under here )


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