Okay so this post also contains another new mesh.

A mesh combining aikea's af fitted top with her bootcut pants with maxis feet (which is made from a bottom only edit by me of geldyh's edit with sexyfeet [it's in my upload pile lol]). There's one everyday texture (the black and purple one) and a whole bunch of pj recolours (some shown in pics, all edits of aikea's pjs for men). Textures are by aikea. Has a fat morph as shown here.

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How silly! I made that mesh too. But then when I put the not-jean textures on it I was disappointed at how the mesh looked. So then I started editing HP's comfy pjs mesh and then my computer problems began. ):
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That's what I was editing. ;) I hate that mesh but it has possibilities. You can find my ranting about this mesh and the HP one here: http://kkkayleighh.dreamwidth.org/1404.html
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Hopefully since my skills are better now I will be able to make a better edit, and make it with both options. :)


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