Here is an underwear/swim mesh and a pjs mesh for a new bodyshape I'm making, code named SC from some suggestion a friend made for a name that I can't remember anymore lol. There's no showerproof skin or meshes yet (haven't read up on how to make them yet and also I'd like other opinions on the shape before going that far)

Both meshes are edits of maxis meshes. Texture credits: maxis, confide, hp, adele, bliss, gelydh. Both have fat morphs and the undies mesh has a pregnancy morph (I made the meshes with mesh tool so it made the morphs, not me).


F-locked because I think I may have broken some policies (confide, adele), why people get annoyed if people credit them is beyond me, and because I may edit it further.

Edit: Unlocked entry

Son of edit: Underwear/nude mesh updated.
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From: [personal profile] sixtylilies

I think it's a lovely shape, very realistic (and pretty much spot on for my own body, which gives me glee). The only thing that stands out to me as looking a little odd is that on a couple of the meshes, the top of the curve on the outside thigh looks a little sharp, but that could just be the angle of the picture.

It is quite beyond me why people bitch when a creator is credited. Yeah, the policy was broken, but honestly who in the sims community really, honestly cares about that anymore?
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From: [personal profile] ghanima_atreides

Looking good so far, apart from what Azaya said, I think the waist itself is a little "sharp" (what I meant to say is, it looks a tad cinched, a problem Maxis meshes are known to have which is why I use CatofEvilGenius' replacements from MTS.) Good luck with the project :D
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From: [personal profile] liaparish

I think they're super fit.

I love the shape, can't wait to play with these.

You wouldn't mind if I maybe added shoes on it or something? I might have a go.


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