Some nightwish t-shirts I've been meaning to put up for a while. They come in male and female adult versions, except for the amaranth vest top which is only for af (aikea's af top mesh is included). Credit to aikea for the base textures, and most of the t-shirt images come from nightwish's own online shop.

Amaranth vest ~ Century child ~ Fire pendulum ~ Islander ~ Lighthouse ~ Sometimes

(Some of the shirts have stuff on the back too, pictures of the backs are in the rar)


A couple of random t-shirt recolours for both af and am (except the unicorn one which is only for af). Meshes included (older ones are on hystericalparoxysm's top mesh, later ones on aikea's top mesh). Credit to HP and aikea for the base textures, credit to deviant art/internet at large for the images.

Blind guardian
~ Swirly ~ Pagan music ~ Viking head


And finally some edits of tops/outfits from clubcrimsyn. Some tops are cut off of other outfits, and some are just copy pastes from other ages/genders. Mostly for adult female with some from teen male and female and adult male. There's also a few for children but they're an absolute sod to do because of maxis weird neck mapping on the kids top. (Meshes for adult female tops the same as above and are included). Credit to aikea and gelydh.

These are just some of them, pictures of all of them are in the rar.


All files have been compressorized.
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From: [personal profile] pinketamine

Someone at GOS requested some Nightwish tees. Do you mind if I give him/her this link?

From: [personal profile] kriikii

Yay! =] I love it when people make shirts of bands that I like. First Forefather, now Nightwish? I can't wait to see what you come up with next Oph3lia.


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