My first alpha editable mesh that I actually made the layers for so I apologise for any weirdness. There may be clipping at some angles/during some movements but overall it seems ok. It also may clip with certain bottoms that are particularly wide in the hip/waist/butt region. Works with a wide range of bottoms though.

The lower flared out 'tunic' part is what is alpha editable, the sleeves are not. It has fat and pregnancy morphs (click for image of preg. morph). And comes in all 6 colours Gelydh made for her Emily tunic and capris mesh. It also has untuckable versions included, as shown in the third picture; both the untuckable and normal textures work with untucked alphas.

Credit to [personal profile] gelydh for the original mesh I mangled about, and for textures; and thanks to catofevilgenius' tutorial for alpha skirts.


The bottoms shown in the pictures are mine that I just need to finish textures for so I can upload them. They're nude smoothed maxis bottoms paired with different types of shoes. And teen versions of both those and these are in the works. The other pants are an edit of maxis 'mom' jeans and will be up in a few days.
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From: [personal profile] hat_plays_sims

Those are awesome. I totally wish I needed tunics for women, because this is a super-cute mesh. (I also totally wish this was a full-length dress because those sleeves are adorable in the extreme.)


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