So some months back I looked at all Sherahbim's uploads and was disappointed that they didn't come for teens or elders. This kind of mini project (actually its turned out pretty big :|) is an effort to remedy that. This is the first part of quite a few.

These are all recolours of Gelydh's alpha tattered barefoot dress. Sherahbim's Bejewelled, Gypsy, Vampire nightwear and Fairies Gift for TF and EF (texture referenced to AF) and I've also transferred some of the textures off of Gelydh's alpha tattered dress with boots mesh that Gelydh made: Peacock Song and Chainmail and made texture linked versions of her Wood Nymph recolour. Plus some recolours of Bejwelled, a silver by me and Pinketmine's black recolour from her sexyfeet version of this mesh. I've also made a recolour using Heget's night shift so there's now a blockfoot version without stockings. And finally, a version of Sherahbim's vampire nightwear/gown without the choker and gloves.

Vampire Gown

Vampire Gown Edit


Fairies Gift

Heget's shift

Peacock Song


Bejewelled - Black, Silver, Original

Wood Nymph

EF mesh, fit and fat morphs.

TF mesh is by Cynnix, EF mesh is an edit by me of Ghanima's elder conversion with added fat morph and block feet. I've included the AF mesh (it's an edited version with morphs added by Yuichen). I've also included Sherahbim's original files and Gelydh's Wood Nymph (and edited cynnix's TF bejewelled recolour to be texture referencing) so everything you need is in one folder.

Everything is compressorized.

Credits: Gelydh @ ClubCrimsyn[personal profile] cynnix , Sherahbim @ MTS[personal profile] heget , [personal profile] ghanima_atreides , Yuichen @ UYS[personal profile] pinketamine 


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