I've always hated the stupid sandals and tiny knees of these pants. I used HP's modesty version as a base as hers was already untuckable, I edited the knees, and added aikea's sneakers (which were edited, along with the pant, so they'd fit under them). Both AF and TF versions have fat morphs and the AF version also has a pregnancy morph (at least I think I remembered to add one lol). Jean, belt and sneaker textures are all by aikea. The greey teen recolour was done by me. Teens and adults share textures for this mesh, however 2 of the recolours do not show for adults (black jeans with belt and grey jeans).

As with all default replacements, you'll have to remove any other replacements for both the teen and adult versions of these pants.
Pictures and download under here... )
Some more bootcutpants for AF and TF. The teen files texture reference the adult files so you need to have the adult ones in your downloads file for the teen files to work. The original files by aikea guinea are included for the black, dark wash and light wash jeans (they're exactly the same files that are on clubcrimsyn, so if you already have those you can just delete the folder labelled 'original aikea files').

There's also a folder labelled 'edited meshes', this contains aikea's AF bootcutpants mesh with an added pregnancy morph (will need to delete original file labelled MESH_aikea_guinea-AFLustification_Conversion-111806) and aikea's TF bootcutpants mesh updated (I age converted the updated AF file aikea released a while ago), it has a fat morph (will need to delete original file labelled MESH_aikea_guinea-TF_Bootcut_Pants-021207).

Credits: aikea guinea and gelydh for textures, aikea guinea for meshes and original adult female files, [personal profile] aquilegia for her tutorial on texture referencing.

Untucked and tucked versions included.

Dance... )
Default replacement mesh for AF mom jeans, that fixes the uv mapping to make it untuckable and also adds a pregnancy morph (made to match HP's separates pregnancy morphs). There's also a texture replacement file that replaces the textures with edited one by Gelydh (with shoe textures by Trapping).
Pictures and download under here )

My first alpha editable mesh that I actually made the layers for so I apologise for any weirdness. There may be clipping at some angles/during some movements but overall it seems ok. It also may clip with certain bottoms that are particularly wide in the hip/waist/butt region. Works with a wide range of bottoms though.
Download this way )
I was asked if I would make non default versions of my TF shorts with converse replacements by an_nas (who made a very lovely edit with different textures here) so I did.

I've only uploaded it with the black, blue, light blue, and black with belt recolours (with untucked versions) and not the coloured denim recolours because I'm not so keen on them anymore. (See pictures on original upload).


This replaces the base game adult female halter neck tops with amaryll's textures on HP's altered halter neck mesh. Replacement file also includes the mesh.

More pictures and download )
This replacements ef swim flared top (the one with tops made from swimsuits on) with Gelydh's ef untuckable top. The textures are by Gelydh (here) and Satinn (here). Black recolour of Gelydh's top and lilac recolour of Satinn's top are by me.

More pictures and download link )
Aikea guinea's basics tops for male and female children on a maxis mesh (the one with the camisole). All colours and all types as per the original. Neck alpha was a right pain to get to fit lol.

Another picture and download link )
I keep meaning to stick up this edit of a club crimsyn outfit for kids, so here it is. Clothes texture by aikea, shoes by maxis. It's on a base game mesh and is for male and female; shows up in everyday and athletic.


The rest of these are mostly edits of other peoples meshes that I haven't put up here and are all linked to in posts on GoS or other people's LJ's rather randomly.

Needlecream's bixie babydoll mesh - added fat morph (overwrites original file) - Download

Lillany's top mesh - slightly reshaped (bodyshop picture), added morphs (bodyshop picture) (will need to remove original mesh MESH_AFTopBabydoll_byLillany) - Download

Aligeth's robin hood mesh - removed bracer and rope? around wrists (does not require original mesh or recolours) - Download

Aligeth's friar tuck monk robe - removed cross (does not require original mesh or recolours) - Download

Slar's skirt mesh - fat morph waist gap fixed, fat morph improved (will need to remove original mesh skirt_mesh) - Download

Rosehage's sneakers bottom - maxis butt/hips added, plus fat and pregnancy morphs (will need to remove original mesh Mesh_ParadiseSimalAFSneakers) - Download

Rosehage's shatarja boots bottom - maxis butt/hips added, plus fat and pregnancy morphs (will need to remove original mesh Mesh_ParadiseSimalShatarjaAFBoots)  - Download

Replacement for EF underwear using textures by aquilegia (found here).

Another picture and download )

Replacement meshes and textures for both the AF and TF versions of the H&M stuff bubble dress. The adult female mesh is by [personal profile] whimsical_krikkiter  (found here), and the TF version is by me and is moshed together from H&M stuff's original teen conversion, nude teen legs and scaled down shoes from whimsical krikkiter's mesh (as I'm still a bit nervous about age converting things and getting the scale right).

Textures are a mix of gelydh's (shoes), maxis (dress) and flinn from TSR (leggings). The green colour is by amaryll (found here) and the grey and purple are recolours of my own making.

I think that's all the important stuff except the usual remove other default replacements for this mesh.


More pictures and download )

Replacement file for the skirt with heels from base game (the shorter skirt of the two). I've replaced it with amaryll's skirt with oxfords found here. Comes in all amaryll's colours. Remove any other replacements for that file that you have before installing this one.

Download under the cut )

Replacement mesh and 3 textures for the sweater outfit that comes with kitchen and bath stuff. Original by ninika/nena_needles is here. Requires K&B stuff.

More pictures and download )
These are replacements for the short shorts and shorts that are for AF and TF. The mesh replacement is by HP, all I did was add new textures. The shorts textures are from jeans that come with the H&M stuff pack, and the short shorts textures are from some jeans by geldyh. Shoe textures by maxis. They work for both adult females and teen females. Meshes are untuckable; I have made untuckable recolours myself but I don't have the teen files finished yet.


Rest is under the cut )

Texture replacement for the skimpy swimwear for young adult females, using 4 of [personal profile] aelia 's bikinis. These require the uni expansion pack.


Finally got another upload ready (I'm incredibly slow at getting from finishing something to actually getting it uploaded).

So these are retextures of a child sweater mesh by cat of evil genius on MTS. Find the mesh here as their policy doesn't like their meshes being uploaded elsewhere. The texture is by aikea and is taken from her af/am sweaters. Colours are by aikea, pooklet, aelia and me. There's 3 files to grab here, one for pooklet colours, one for aelia colours and one for the other colours. All colours are for both genders (personally I don't use pink for boys but I know some people do), all files are compressorized.
More pictures and links )
I pookleted the lovely stella hair by lidiqnata here (I haven't included the mesh as I couldn't figure out if I could include it or not, so you'll have to head over there for the file). It shows up for child to elder (young adult stage doesn't work for the original colours but I edited mine so it does). Comes in all pooklet's naturals (including the new ones) plus white, elder stage is time bomb (I prefer elders with white rather than grey hair). I have however included mail bomb binned as grey (elder only file) and also as a version for all ages in case anyone wants a child sim with silvery hair or a prematurely grey-haired adult. Shrapnel is binned as brown. Flash powder shown in the preview pic. Compressorized, unneeded ages removed.

Pictures and download this way )
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( May. 7th, 2010 05:43 pm)
I've updated the hair set I did here or here for LJ users, with pooklet's new colour actions and a couple of extras.
2 recolours that I've done; brown/brown and brown/green, credit to pooklet for actions to obtain the brown, texture parsimonious' original. Mesh not included, find it here



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