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I figured it was about time I did one of these so...

Downloads on DW/LJ


Last of the Wilds - Sweater separates for kids
T-shirts for a mix of ages and genders, including club crimsyn conversions and band t-shirts
TF mesh combining aikea's bootcut pants and migamoo's teen female top
4 new AF meshes, including alpha editable ones
AM bootcut pants and tux mesh, and forefather t-shirts for both AF and AM
AF fullbody bootcut pants with barefeet
AF emily tunic top with bootcut pants and fullbody jeans and trainers


Of the Stars - Lidiqnata's Stella hair pookleted

Twisted - Peggy April 08 hair pookleted


Necklaces from treasured finds for AF and CU
Thor's Hammer necklaces for AF and AM

Default replacements

TF couture dress replacement (mesh only)
AM tight swimwear and underwear, and CM swim shorts replacements (textures only)
TF sandals and shorts replacement (mesh and texture)
AF uni swimwear replacement (texture only)
AF/TF shorts replacement (mesh and texture)
AF K&B stuff sweater replacement (mesh and texture)
AF base game skirt (mesh and texture)
AF/TF H&M bubble dress (mesh and texture)
EF underwear (texture)

Object recolours

Parsimonious woodcutter fridge recolours

Downloads on GoS


Mellowing of the Maids - aikea's skulls and plaid undies for AF, TF and CU
Steadfast - aikea's skulls and plaid undies for TM
Velvet Oblivion - Velvet pants for AF, TF, TM and CU
AF purple star pyjamas (GLS needed)
Aikea's unsavoury charlatan outfits on AM mad hatter mesh
Pinstripe Fetters - AF underwear


Loreley - Nouked alpha edit of peggy 0025
From the Void - Helga 71 nouked
It's not all bows and ribbons - Peggy 'bowed' hair nouked
Shocking Curls - Myos 14 recolours
Unearthed - Rose 65 recolours
Thank you for the venom - xm 37 streaked


Battleaxe - necklaces for AF and AM


Pale oepu skin recolours

Object recolours

Black Knight - maxis medieval objects in black
Crouching tiger, Neon dragon - avendia dragon recolours
Tea party in teak chair in pooklet colours
The paintbrush flies - Maxis picture recolours, multiple EP's

Default replacements

AF toulons dress replacement (texture and mesh) [custom version also available] and AF roll neck dress replacement (texture only) both require H&M stuff


London Road - 8 Mostly Maxis Victorian-ish Lots
GoS Asylum
Greenwood Dorm
Things That Crawl At Night - The Coffin
Hovel Heaven Factory
Crux House
Grungey Shack
Garden of Shadows House

In Granted Wishes

Azaya's stargazers mesh with fat morph
Recolours of gelydh walls
Some aikea AF tops for TF
Short shorts meshes with converse
Raon M12 hair pookleted

Downloads on MTS (most of these are ancient but nonetheless)


1 Trundle Lane
2 Trundle Lane
Little Hall
Ivy Cottage Expanded
Ivy Cottage
Lavenham Starter
Lavenham Cottage
Victorian House


Elf ear recolours for Idolatry Beyond skins by HP

Object recolours

Vanity Table recolours

Downloads on insimenator. I do have more than this up on there, but frankly most of it is crap or stuff also uploaded elsewhere.


Fairy Wishes Locket
Shell/mother of pearl necklaces

Fairy pendants with earrings
Heart pendant
Heart pendant recolours
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